Nestled in the rolling hills of east Mississippi, near Meridian, is Crossroads Estates. Crossroads consists of four clubs. The original, "Ollie Mae's", has been here fifteen years and is currently open Friday and Saturday nights. The second "Ollie Mae's Hole" ,which most people refer to as "The Little Bar", is open seven days a week from six until one. We're only allowed to serve beer and wine but if you bring a bottle set ups are available. The third club "Ollie Mae's Sanctuary", known to many as "The Big Bar", is open after hours Friday and Saturday nights from around ten until four or so. Soft drinks and set ups are available if you bring your on bottle and you can buy your beer next door at "Ollie Mae's Hole". Then there's the Cabana Club out back which is open during warm weather. Next summer there will be a pool. Crossroads Estates consists of 37 acres and construction is underway for cabins and in the future there will be a bath house, restaurant ,  motel rooms and a lake.
    Crossroads is predominantly gay but our crowds consist of people of all walks of life. All races, religions, sexes or sexual orientations are welcome. Gay, straight, bi or just curious it doesn't matter. Butch, our proprietor, says he's try-sexual. We'll let you figure that out. If you're homophobic, racist or bigoted Crossroads may not be the place for you but if you can check your prejudices at the door you're welcome too. You don't judge us and we won't judge you. Saturday nights we have drag shows and sometimes pageants. Our current Miss Crossroads comes from the Choctaw reservation in Philadelphia Mississippi, home of the Silver Star Resort and Casino. If you've never seen a Choctaw drag queen you're in for a treat and we have several.
    Crossroads may be most famous for the World Renowned Charlie the Goat. If you've ever heard of "that gay bar with the goat" that's us. Charlie recently succumbed to cancer and the search is on for a new Charlie. Just any goat won't do because Charlie had a unique personality. He was the boss and we all knew it. The same person that would say "that damned goat" one minute would be the one petting Charlie and feeding him potato chips a minute later. We were often entertained by Kevin and his goat dance. Sometimes Charlie would participate and sometimes he wouldn't. I think Charlie just liked to watch Kevin look foolish. We do have a new goat and from what everybody calls it I guess his name is "The Goat". He has his moments but he's no Charlie so the search goes on.
    So if you like to party, have fun and meet lots of good people come and visit. Be prepared for a big welcome. It's just the way we are in the Crossroads family. Call ahead and we'll leave the light on for you.

There's No Place Like Home