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Subject: The Darndest thing!
Date: Saturday, 4 Apr 1999 07:40:37 -0600

Well, hello gerlz! Hope this tid bit finds you all well and fine. I guess at this time, Wayland is probably out basking in the sun. Hope his first tea is a success. I would be in attendance, however, due to the overwhelming events of the previous evening, I'm finding it very difficult to get my priorities in order. Anyways, when I was in attendance at the Social gathering of the minds this past evening, I couldn't help but notice the darndest thing; This "THING" approached me a commenced to place "ITS" leather harnessed hand upon my shoulder and questioned the master "BUTCH" what he was talking about; as if "IT" were to be included in on the conversation.(actually "IT" was)But as you well know, some PEOPLE can't keep their business to themselves, as this "THING" is soooo notorious for. Seems that "IT" has a problem socializing with others due to the fact that "IT" carries that dagger around and buries it in everyone's back when they are least expecting it. GOD, it should be a law against that sort of practice! But, for my problem that I need help with: Can you give me advice on how to make and keep aquaintences and friends while at the same time not cutting their throats and stabbing their backs and most of all trying not to get into their pants or the pants of their tricks. And also, when the dagger gets burried deep and the friendship is over and all friendship is lost among the crowd, how to regain the trust and friendship back by "starting over" and letting by-gones-be-by-gones. Please explain to me and others how that practice works? Is it anything like taking out a lease on a new automobile? Seems to me that it would become an expensive habit!

Please Help!
Dazed and Confused!

P.S. Hope you're able to make my rambling out.

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