Deitra Darlin' Moneitqie
Redneck Transvestite, Soothsayer, physic to the Stars
and Presidential Advisor now exclusively at Crossroads
our new advice columnist meet Deitra Darlin'

If you've got a problem Deitra can solve it or make you think she has anyway
so send in your questions and let Deitra take care of you Dahlin'

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The New Deitra after an extended make-over in Paris.
She's Back!

The New and Improved Deitra Ready to Take You On


Talented Pussy


New Beer!  


The Fairest Of Them All?  

Forward This  

Boys Night Out  

Gay's In The Military  

Fire Breather

 Cum On Home 

 Cyber Stalking

Bite in Your Breakfast

 Which Condom Would You Use?

 Queen Wars Part Two

 As the Queens Turn

 Bigamist or What?

 Is there a Problem here?

 The Heterosexual Questionnaire

 Advantages of Being a Gay Man

 The Gay Agenda

 Struggling Drag Queen Rules

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Deitra's back! Ready to answer your questions.

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