Paris has been very, very good to me.

Hello boyz and gurlz.........I know.....i know..... it's been a while since you last heard from me, but I have been a busy gurl myself; with Candace and her delima, who could keep up!  But now I'm back....all new with attitude and ready to rock somebody's world!  To update everyone, I took a lil' trip aboard the mighty captain's ship(and no...I aint been to Giligan's Island!) and I have had a total makeover.  I figured since the stampede of goats ran me over and messed up my complexion that I had better get the bruises taken care of and get back to answering all those questions that had everybody wondering about.  But anyways, I'm back, I Gay and I intend on staying that way!  Out and Proud!  Who said loud?  Bite yo tounge gal!  As I was preachin, If ya gotta a problem and I can help you out in any way, just drop me a line.  I will either get the solution or get you in bed.......which ever you prefer!  Paris and me got along just fine as you can tell, but I still ain't up to par......(till I meet that man on Gladiator in person!)  Ask Butch about that one!  He'll tell ya!  I tend on staying around these parts for a while this time (my dainty lil' ass is broke) so all questions, suggestions, and hints or tips are welcomed as well as incouraged!  If ya got any class or Balls!  Challenge me if ya dare!
Deitra Looking Better than Ever?

I will try to keep the sarcasim to a minimum since my lip aren't healed from the silicone injections and having them wrapped around "Daniel"s" dick!  Whewwww!

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