Confused and Misguided

Page 4 - June 15, 1999

Dear Deitra,
     Since discovering my sexual preference, I have been totally and utterly confused.  First of all, I have kinda been involved with this really butch lesbian that I think could be in love with me.  The problem that I have is that she acted as if though she was head-over-heels in love with me.  I can't say that I felt the same way.  Although I have had feelings for her, she just isn't my cup tea, or so I thought.  To top it all off, just when I thought that I was "ready" for her, she goes straggling back to one of her Ex's.  Did I wait too late?  Have all chances with her been lost?  What am I to do now?

Dear C & M,
     This really bites the big one!  Sounds as though you really have a problem!(maybe something that a little phycological counceling could help with).  Are you sure that there isn't more to this story than you are letting on?  If you really are having feelings for your "butch lesbian" friend, then I suggest that you try making a phone call to her and let her know how you feel, could be that she just gave up on waiting on you.  Just remember, if you're out to pasture with the other heffers you have to eat when the food is there.  You just can't stand there and chew on the old cud!

Hope this helped!

Luv Ya,

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