Episode Two
Dear Deitra,
   I have a small problem that I hope that you can help me with.  When I'm getting ready to go out or do a show, I find that when I put my wig on I have major split ends.  Is this normal with the southern climate?  How do I tame them?  Please help!


Dear Frizzed,
    First of all you probably need to not wear the wig when slopping the pigs or gathering the eggs.  Those kind of chores seem to really take a toll on the ole hair piece.  But if this is not your case then you probably just need to replace it with a better quality of horse hair and not synthetic materials.
    As far as the southern climate goes; that will only make that cheap ass make up run but I have never known it to cause a wig to split its ends.  However with all the heat down here in the south you definitely don't want to get too close to any open flamers.... whoops! I mean flames in either case.  I would really hate to see you go up in smoke! NOT!!!
    Just keep your head up and keep on smiling!  And remember, only 6 more crazy checks away from Christmas! Save...Save.....Save.....

Love Ya

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