Looking Better Than Ever

Queen Wars Part two

I got this e-mail response to the last one  posted (Queen Wars) and I had to share it.
Being of Sound Mind,
I want to know where that last bitch went to school at.  Apparently they
didn't teach her proper English, let alone sentence structure and grammar.
I Do hope someone pop's that big head of hers because I haven't seen any real
talent at crossroads since Fontain performed last... In closing, You get what
you pay for. Bitch and Moan about the cover and Memberships and you could
loose the only Gay Club in Mississippi that you can walk around butt
naked.... Wanna try that at the Court Yard (or what ever they are calling it
these days) you will be removed from the premises....  And don't even think
that you can hang out at the rest area's anymore.  I heard that the Highway
Patrol and Local Officials have been harassing everyone that stays more than
5 minutes.  So just be careful.....
And as for you Bitches that think your all that and are nothing more than a 2
dollar bottle of Covergirl and some Wet and Wild Liner.... I say Getta JOB.

Sometimes I just have too much fun!
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