Looking Better Than Ever

As the Queens Turn!

If any of you feel like you've been watching a drag queen soap opera lately you're not alone. I received this e-mail and instead of replying I believe I will just post to my column and let you reply for me. Send your replies to

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Subject: ooooooo
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Date: Mon, Sep 18 2000 10:15:04 AM EDT

i think its funny that people perfurr to put there best performers down and
the ones that were out there doin shows by there self when nobody else was
doin it
i think that buch needs to learn how to show more respect to his queens
ms christy because shes the only one who people actually like to see
and she had every right to leave crossraods and start working at the oddessy
shes never been pay and she doesnt mind paying at the door but she will not
be disrespected out there
   buch just want the trashy queen like ivory and dominique to perform
well i hope he is fine no because hw lost the best 3 quenns he had.

it funny how they can go other places and get payed and but cant even say
thank you
so fuk that bar i say

by thanx for the time

I couldn't have all the fun.

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