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Saga of the Pool Table
If Pool Tables Could Talk

Looks like our world famous pool table got another work out Tuesday night and there weren't any balls rolling around. At least not any loose ones. Heard that Mr. Diva took a walk on the wild side and and tasted some of that feminine nectar and he wasn't the only one.
    Not to be out done one of our regulars took the first step in her ultimate fantasy. Ms Fay (and friend) did their best to make Joe taller but I guess she couldn't blow hard enough. Now we've all had to put up with that grin all week. Not to mention hearing the sordid details several times (several? do I underestimate?). What's in store for next week? Will Joe plunge even deeper into her fantasy? Will Joe ask for more height treatments? Will they work? Only time will tell and at Crossroads we all know anything is possible. Stay tuned!
    So a couple of our men tripped the female light fantastic this week. Was it the first time???? Who knows and does it really matter? Love takes many strange paths and who are we to say what road one should travel.

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