Savoy Exit #142 Highway 59 South, Meridian, Mississippi - Phone 601-655-8415
Open Seven Days a Week from Six PM until One AM

This is the original bar at Crossroads and has been here fifteen years. Ollie Mae's, a part of the history of Gay America, has received national attention and been featured in magazines and books. We even got a mention on MTV's The Real World when one of the participants said something about "the gay bar in Mississippi with a goat". It's maintained mostly in it's original condition. Which means that there are names written all over the walls and ceiling and you are encouraged to leave your mark too. Resembling an old roadhouse bar the atmosphere is laid back with years of collected memorabilia on shelves and hung from the walls. The floors are rough concrete with a pool table in the middle and an old juke box in the corner. If you want to make a journey into the past of Gay Mississippi then you have to visit Ollie Mae's and leave a little piece of yourself for the future. Ollie Mae's alone is worth the trip to Crossroads.

 An Ollie Mae's Story From a photo book by award winning photojournalist Nancy Andrews.

 Ollie Mae's Today Some pictures of Ollie Mae's as it looks today. 

Meridian Past The Path to Ollie Mae's and Crossroads. Photos and more.

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