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Monday, Monday

    Well, seems that all was going well on this, what was supposed to be an uneventful Monday Eve, but just as I was beginning to feel good and get the upper hand on the Cherry Master, what would appear before my eyes but Scarlot's reformatoryfied (if such a word is known) rejects. Piling up into the crowd as if they had never left. Can you imagine the gall of such pity! But anyways, as I was saying, I was getting the upper hand on the Cherry Master and with my cheering section (Joe's X and Shorey) (Too bad Rayland wasn't there), I was challenged to a "Pool Match" by none other than Ms. Killen's step daughter!Imagine that! She led me to believe that the winner would take all.........all of me that is! I proceeded to play my best (as good as it could get under the influence of the Colorado Koolaid) and she basically gave me the first game by default. God the tension was growing so imense......Could anyone imagine the thought of Ms. Killen's step daughter being impregnated with the Love juice I had stored up inside of me? Well, needless to say, she couldn't stand the pressure any more than myself, so she challenged me to a second game of "Winner Takes All". And I be damned if she didn't win that game!!!! I think she and her sister "Red" had it all rigged. Now, low and behold, I must find time(within the millineum) to pay homage to this bitch and hopefully she can please me as well as get her rocks off! Thank God the events of the evening turned out as they did......can anyone imagine the "junior Killen" having such an event as giving birth to a butthole baby.......especially when I possibly could do her no good!!!!

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