Guest Trash

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Memphis Blues
Or Three Strikes and you're out?
    It was one of those times when you know you're witnessing history. The first night in Memphis our Fearless Leader stalked the bar with all the cunning of a jungle cat and slithered up beside his prey almost unnoticed. The charm was flowing. Jokes, laughter, smiles, it was like a work of art watching the master work. But something was wrong. It was an illusive prey. The charm rolled off like water of the back of a duck. The laughter subsided and it was painfully aware that nothing was working. Suddenly The Fearless Leader turned and said "are you ready to go?". Strategic retreat of course. STRIKE ONE!
    Next night, pageant night, and there's the bartender. It goes like this smile, tip, tip, tip, laugh, tip, tip, tip, joke, tip, tip, tip, flirt, tip, tip, tip, smile some more, tip, tip, tip, laugh some more, tip, tip, tip, flirt some more, tip, tip, tip. And the result? Nothing! STRIKE TWO!
    Later same night out on the patio. Cool breezes and a few beers later. Surely The Fearless Leader will score this time. A last ditch home run. And the charm goes into high gear. Working, Working, Working. and for a while it seems to be working. But alas the prey slips away to the powder room and never returns. STRIKE THREE!
    Is it the end of an era? Has The Fearless Leader lost his touch? Only time will tell. But this we know. Today there is no joy on the Mud Hill for The Fearless Leader has Struck out!