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      For those of of you that missed it last night, Ms Ru Paul wanna be showed her ass and had it whipped too. I guess it's hard to be a washed up has been and have to listen to people talk about someone new that has gone farther than she ever has. As usual she decided to run her mouth. Then she tried to jump on the wrong person. (I have a new hero. Dominique throws a mean right cross). Maybe it's time to give it up. I know I can't be the only one that was totally embarrassed to witness that display last night. You made a fool out of yourself and you owe everyone at Crossroads a public appology. Maybe you can salvage what little respect there still might be.

    Just as an added note. Little Ms Ru Paul wanna be. If you're ever going anywhere as a Drag Queen, you better strike out on your own. There are far better role models.

    And the moral of it all, "If you mess with the Indians you might lose your hair"!!