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    On Friday April 23 Crossroads own Miss Danielle, with all the style and grace that she carries with her everywhere she goes, represented us in the Ms Gay Mississippi/USA Pageant in Memphis, Tennessee. After going up against MAJOR competition she was the third runner-up. Her talent was totally killer. One of the judges was Anita Ward, famous for the multi-million selling song "Ring My Bell". And the true Diva, Ms Ward, was seen brushing tears while Miss Danielle was performing. Let me repeat! A lady that sold more than 10 MILLION records of a single song, cried at Danielle's performance. We should all be proud of her and she should be truly proud of herself. In front of an audience that wasn't her own, where her first time on stage people talking and not paying attention, she persevered until the last note of her talent when the house rose in a cheering standing ovation. She showed a class so seldom seen and she did it not just for herself or her Choctaw heritage. She also did it for us, the Crossroads family, and I for one thank her. You are truly a lady.
    I would also like to thank the Back Street Bar for making us feel welcome and especially Devine Enterprises for a most impressive Pageant.

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