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        The Hunt Is On!!!!!
        Wed, 18 Apr 2001 13:43:27 -0500

Well you know that they are looking for the FORMER Miss Crossroads. It really shouldn't be hard to find her!! Let me see, the last I knew she has been chased around by one of our own (Miss KIKI) for the last couple of weekends now. She has also had to put up with a lot of Rayna's bullshit. And not only has she been doing that charity work, she has been so rapped up lately that she hasn't had time to be herself.  (I GUESS ALL THE DRAG QUEENS HAVE THAT SAME PROB.) To bad some can't tell reality from "FAIRY" tale isn't that right (Christy)? The thing thinks that she's so beautiful she can't seem to realize that she is one of the ugliest Drag queens out there.  REALITY CHECK GIRL.!!!!!!!!!!  N-E-WAYS if you need to know where the former queen is just hollor (I'm sure those ears of hers will pick it up.) 'till then happy hunting and watch out for the make-up! (I heard that it's slick as owl shit)

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