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Choctaw Pride?
Crossroads hosted what may be a historic event. The Miss Choctaw 2000 Pageant was the first all Choctaw pageant held off of the reservation. Previous pageants had been pretty much unofficial so this was probably the first official pageant. As far as we can determine it was the first all American Indian pageant held in the state of Mississippi and we can find no reference to any pageant of this type held off of a reservation anywhere. Most of the contestants worked hard preparing and organizing the pageant. They tried hard to show some of the Choctaw heritage within the pageant and succeeded quite well. As the time drew near for the pageant you could feel the pride of doing something to represent their heritage. The pageant was a huge success and support that most of the contestants showed for each other was admirable. There was one late entry and the others quite graciously not only did not complain but was very encouraging of this contestant who has extensive pageant experience. This person won the pageant and put on a show of being so humble but afterwards showed her true nature by complaining and trashing the pageant in front of a number of people including some that were contestants. It was totally uncalled for and in my opinion this person does not deserve the crown. But my opinion doesn't count for much. So I must be content in congratulating Danielle, Tia, Montana and the rest of the contestants. You did your people proud and you did your Crossroads family proud as well.