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Amazing Talents!
We have a young woman at Crossroads that I must say  is a person of many talents. We won't go into the "depths" of these talents here but I will tell you about one that we may not have known she was capable of. In an attempt to back  a friends truck up the drive coming in she managed within about twenty feet to run it off the road and balance it on a landscaping timber that keeps the rain from eroding the edge of the road. This is a feat that going forward or backwards would be nearly impossible  to do for most people, even after a night of drinking, but again I  must make it clear she isn't most people. This she managed to do while arriving early in the evening. She possesses some amazing talents but this one is unique. Moral of this story is you might not want to let her drive your vehicle, especially backwards. As for her other talents, I've witnessed a few and they aren't nearly as dangerous. At least I don't think so.  Here is a picture of her handy work.