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Got this letter and just had to share!

well first off let me start by saying how good you look! ;)
my question haas to do with me being gay (i recently came to terms with it) and meeting people. how do you do it? i mean how do you know if the person who you might be intrested in is gay? and what in the hell do you say to them?  i have been to a few gay clubs/bars while in virgina and they sucked!!!! the only person who said two words to me was the bartender, and she was a girl? :( i am from ms (born and rasied in meridian) and due to my job, family, friends, and my whole damn life, i am still in the closet. but miss. deitra, i sure do want someone to love (corny i know) someone to wake up with, and just be together!!! what, where and how do i start? well thanks for reading this and i hope i hear back from ya........shawn

First of all let me tell you what wonderful taste you have.

Now honey let's get down to the meat of the matter. You do have a problem but not to worry. With time comes experience, you just have to be patient. Now my advice to you is to get on the first train, no forget that, get on the first plane and fly right back here to Meridian and let Ms Deitra start giving you some lessons. We'll have your gaydar fixed in no time and in the meantime, like that Crosby fellow said, "if can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with". Ms Deitra knows how to share the love so Cum on Home!


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