All Paths Lead to Crossroads

Crossroads is located at exit 142 of Interstate 59 South out of Meridian, Mississippi. It's also known as the Savoy Exit or the Dunn's Falls Exit. Coming from Jackson, Mississippi you take the I-59 exit before you get to Meridian and go South. Coming from Birmingham on I-59 through Meridian on I-20/I-59 you go South on I-59 about three miles west of Meridian. From Montgomery through Meridian you take the same exit. Then about eight miles south you take the 142 exit and go left over the the overpass. The you take the first left on the dirt road. You'll be able to see the lights from Crossroads out in the woods. Coming from The Laurel/Hattiesburg area you just take the 142 exit and go right.

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