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Good News for Crossroads fans

Butch is opening a new club.

It's located at 1657 Long Creek Road, Meridian 

Watch for updates.

Crossroads closed but the web page remains. Enjoy.

Great news for the old Crossroads Family! The documentary "Small Town Gay Bar", which features Crossroads, competed the Sundance Film Festival 2006 and was nominate for the Grand Jury Prize. It won Best Documentary at the LA Outfest and Best Documentary at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. It has shown at Film Festivals internationally. Small Town Gay Bar is now available on DVD. 

Thanks to, Director, Malcolm Ingram.

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Welcome Learn about Crossroads and the Crossroads Family.

Directions We may be a little hard to find but it's well worth the trip.

Places Just a few places to keep an eye out for on your way to Crossroads. 


Butch's Bodacious Adventures

OutRageous Travel Photos

Ollie Mae's  Crossroad's Original Bar. Includes old photos of some of those who helped pave the path to Crossroads. 

Ollie Mae's Hole Currently under renovation.

Ollie Mae's Sanctuary our after hours club. Dancing and Entertainment. 

  Cabana Club The outside club and a nature trail too.

  Photo Album Some of the Crossroads Family.

(Participation in the photo album is strictly voluntary. We don't post photos of people who do not want to be on the web page.)

Crossroads Cowboys and some Gurls Too!

The Bitch Ball Challenge It started as a discussion about who had the biggest balls or something like that which went into a discussion of a softball game and wound up a wiffle ball game and picnic at the park.

The Fairy Fair Just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Let Freedom Ring Crossroad's tribute to the United States after  the September 11th attack.

The Thursday Night Topless Prayer Meeting Don't Ask! Just Look.

Talking Trash Gossip! Gossip! Gossip! 

Talk to Deitra Our World famous redneck transvestite Deitra Darlin' Moneitque. 

Fannie Mae Baker Just a preview of our new Fashion Adviser. Some say she's Tammie Fae's better looking sister but we aren't talking.

Halloween Check out the pictures. Lots of fun was had.

Links Various resources links.

Crossroads Chat A place to get together online.

This forum is here for fun. If you have a problem with some individual confront them about it.

Leave Messages, Ask Questions or Just Talk Trash
To answer the question "is that one of our drag queens on that button?". The answer is no. I couldn't get her to pose.

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Equality Project

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